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The "Micky Maus" games and paper models
Did you ever build Cinderella's castle oder a complete western fort? Unfortunately, often none of the handicrafts survived until today. They are just childhood memories of cutting out, folding and gluing. Until now...!

Update 31.12.2009

A quick New Year's Eve update, as there will be a relaunch of the site in 2010:
Michael has submitted a whole bunch of sheets. Thank you very much! You'll find the first part below. To be continued...

The latest sheets
Beagle Boys game - luggage tag - time table (1973) - airplane - advent calendar - time table (1974) - tossing game - advent calendar (1973) - Alp plants poster - sun shield - sun shield - Advent calendar (1975) - jumping jack, Goofy - sticker - animal poster - corsair superposter - starparade, giant color poster - Advent calendar (1977) - easter poster

"Page what...!?"
In this case, 42 is not the answer to the great questions of the universe but the page that presented the construction manuals when I started my comic collection back in 1978.
Soon the page could be found in the middle of each issue but I liked the idea of using the name as a domain. Who would like to type "www.old-mickey-mouse-games-and-handicrafts.de" all the time :-)

Have fun (re-)building all the models!

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