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Cinderella Castle

The games and paper models of german "Micky Maus"

Have you ever built Cinderella castle or a complete western fort? Unfortunately, often none of the handicrafts survived the years and nothing remained but childhood memories of cutting, folding and gluing. Until now...

Polar station

polar station Build your own polar station with observation dome, helicopter, snowmobile and wind generator. You can find this and more in the playsets category.

Famous Disney classic cars

Famous Disney classic cars Here you can build your own famous Mainstreets vintage cars. And some more vehicles are available in the category cars.

"Page what...?!"

In this case 42 is not the answer to the big question of the universe, but the page where the crafting instructions used to be found for a long time. With this in mind: have fun (re)discovering the joy of crafting!

yours Claudio

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