Where the fun

Many thanks to all the helpful contributers who did provide me either with scans or by making their originals available!

Sheets in 300 dpi

A big thank you goes to The Flash, who gifted me quite a few volumes with complete issues! These form the basis for the sheets in 300 dpi, which will gradually replace the older scans. I gladly complied with his wish to donate something to social causes for children in return. Recommended for imitation.

Sheets in 150 dpi (and below)

Many eager helpers scanned the first sheets in a resolution of 150 dpi. Thanks to Maxileen, who scanned 117 sheets at that time, to underduck, who sent me dozens of sheets as originals and to all the other helpers:
Michael (82 sheets), Andreas (76 sheets), Rainer (35 sheets), Stefan (20 sheets), Micha (11 sheets), Mabuse (9 sheets), Thorsten (8 sheets), Christian (6 sheets), Jochen (4 sheets), Karsten (4 sheets), Kumpel (4 sheets), Thomas (4 sheets), Jens (2 sheets), Matthias (2 sheets), memm (1 sheet), Jano (1 sheet), Holger (1 sheet), Harald (1 sheet), Michi (1 sheet), Andreas T. (1 sheet).